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Hike Itineraries

Banaue - Batad
World Heritage Site
Batad .jpg

Day 0

10:00pm – Meet up Mr Kebab Cubao Araneta Center

10:30pm – ETD Cubao to Banaue


Day 1

6:00am – ETA Banaue Rice Terraces/ meet guide/ breakfast.

7:00am – Jeepney Transfer to  Batad Jump Off

8:00am – Start Trek to Batad

9:00am – arrival in  Batad ( enjoy the View to Batad Rice Terraces (The Orchestra)

11:00pm – Trek to batad highest point and Tappia Falls

1:00pm – ETA Tappia Falls/Enjoy the Big Falls

2:00pm – ETD Tappia Falls to Batad hostel

4:00pm – ETA Hostel/Wash up/ Rest

7:00pm Dinner and socials.


Day 2

6:00am – Wake up Call/Breakfast

7:30am – Start trek to Jump Off

8: 30am – arrival at jump off/Jeepney Transfer to Banaue

9:30am – Arrival in Banaue / Open time to Buy souvenirs

10:30nn Departure in Banaue to Cubao

8:00pm – ETA Cubao

Trek Kalinga

Trek Buscalan Village Kalinga

Apo Wang-od the Oldest Traditional artist

Suggested Itinerary:

Day 0

8:00pm – meet up Mr. Kebab Araneta center cubao

8:30pm – ETD to Kalinga mountain province via Banaue/Breakfast along the way


Day 1

7:00am – ETA Bontoc/Breakfast buy for final provisions

8:00am – Bontoc to jumpoff Kalinga

9:30am – ETA Kalinga Jumpoff  Start Trek to Buscalan Village

11:00am – ETA Buscalan/ Eat Packed Lunch

1:00pm – tattoo session 1st batch

3:00pm - distribution of snacks for the kids

6:00pm – dinner, socials, rest


Day 2

6am – wake up call/ 2nd batch tattoo session


9:00 am trek back to jumpoff

10:30am ETA Jump off/ Van transfer to bontoc

12:30pm – ETA bontoc Lunch

1:00pm – Back to manila via banaue

9:00pm – ETA manila


Trek Sagada

Suggested Itinerary:

Day 0

9:00pm – Meet up point Mr. Kebab Araneta center cubao ‬

9:30pm – ETD to banaue/ breakfast along the way‬


Day 1

6:30am – ETA Banaue rice terraces, Breakfast‬

7:30 am‬ :  Departue to sagada

9:30am – arrival in Sagada (Check in accommodation and rest

Prepare for the Sumaguing Cave Experience)‬

12nn – Lunch

1:00pm – The Sumaguing cave Experience‬

4:00pm – Caving ends back to our back to accommodation‬

6:00pm Dinner/Socials‬

9:00pm Lights Out‬


Day 2

7:00am – Wake up Call and Eat Breakfast.on pax account/

Prepare for Trekking to Bomod Ok Falls trekking, Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins‬

8:00am – Etd to Bomod ok Falls jump off via Private Transportation‬

8:30am – ETA Bomod ok Falls Jump off/Start Trek‬

9:00am – ETA Bomodok Falls/ Picture Taking, Swimming, enjoy the Big Falls.‬


10:30a, – Trek Back to Jump Off

12:00pm – ETA jump off/ Lucnch

2:00pm – Private Transportation to Sagada Church,Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins

2:30pm – Resume Tour

4:30pm – Back to Accommodation

5:00pm – Accommodation/ Open Time to buy souvenir’s


Day 3

6:00am Wake up call forBreakfast/

8:00am – Departure SAGADA to Bontoc‬

10:00am – ETA Bontoc (Picture Taking at Bontoc rice Terraces)‬

10:30am – Departure to Cubao‬

1:00pm – Lunch‬  ‬

9:00pm – arrival in Cubao – End of Tour -‬

Mt. Pulag

Mt Pulag via ambangeg trail

Suggested Itinerary:


Day 0 

8:00 PM Meet up Mr. Kebab Araneta Center Cubao


Day 1

2:00 AM ETA for Baguio ( Breakfast)

3:30 AM ETD for DENR (Via Monster Jeep)

7:00 AM ETA DENR (Briefing)

8:00 AM ETD for Babadak (ranger stn.)

8:30am - Start Trek

11:30namETA Camp 2 Grass Land/Pitch Tents/Photo Opps/ Eat Packed Lunch

5:30pm Dinner and Socials

8:00 PM Lights Out


Day 2 

3:00 AM Wakeup call (time for summit)

3:30 AM Trek for summit

5:30 AM ETA Summit Sunrise Viewing

6:30 AM Return to campsite

7:30 AM ETA Campsite EAT Breakfast

8:30 AM Break Camp

9:30 AM Start Trek (to ranger stn.)

12:00 NN ETA Ranger Station Lunch/Wash up Area

1:30 PM ETD Ranger to DENR

2:00 PM ETA Denr/

2:30 PM ETD Denr to Baguio

5:00 PM ETA Baguio

5:15 pm ETA Baguio – Manila (Dinner along the way)

10:00pm ETA manila


Hulugan Falls + Chasing Waterfalls Pagsanjan
hulugan 1.JPG

Suggested Itinerary:
3:00am – meet up at mcdonalds el pueblo ortigas/eat Breakfast/ buy trail food
3:30am – ETD to Hulugan falls
6:30am – ETA registration area/ tricycle transfer to jump off
6:45am – start trek to hulugan falls
7:30 am – arrival at hulugan falls .. photo opps/ swimming
9:00am – trek back to jump off
9:45am – arrival at jump off/ tricycle transfer to  parking area.
10:00am – Van Transfer to Pagsanjan 
11:00am – ETA Aleng Talengs Halo Halo restaurant ( lunch on pax account)
1:00pm – Boat Ride to Pagsanjan Water Falls (16 rapids) 
2:00pm – Arrival at Pagsanjan WaterFalls/ Swimming/ Photo Opps 
3:00pm – ETD back to port
3:34pm – ETA port/ wash up/ merienda on pax account
5:00pm – Back to manila/ 
8:30pm -  meet up at mcdonalds el pueblo ortigas 

Budget for the trip 
2,700 per person 
Private Transportation for the trip
Hulugan Falls Guide Fees and Entrances
Local guide Fee
Boat Ride to Pagsanjan falls 
Fees to Pagsanjan Falls 

VAgabondpinas Tour Facilitator

Gulugod Baboy, DayHike
gulugod baboy.jpg
Hulugan Falls
hulugan 1.JPG

Trek Hulugan Falls, Talay Falls, Hidden Falls
Suggested Itinerary:
4;00am – meet up at mcdonalds el pueblo ortigas/eat Breakfast/ buy trail food
4:30am – ETD to Hulugan falls
6:30am – ETA registration area/ tricycle transfer to jump off
6:45am – start trek to Talay Falls 30mins trek
7:15am - arrival at talay falls/ photo opp/ swim. 
8:00am short trek to hidden falls ( 15mins trek)
8:15am - hidden Falls/ photo opp
9:00am trek to hulugan Falls 30mins
9:30am -eta  hulugan water falls. swimming photo opp/ eat packed lunch. 
12:00nn - trek back to parking area ( 30mins)
12:30- tricycle transfer to parking area (10mins)
12:40 - parking area/ wash up
1:30pm : back to manila/ side trip to aleng talengs halohalo for lunch or merienda. 
4:00pm - mcdonalds Elpueblo

budget for the trip


Kaparkan WaterFalls

Discover Kaparkan water Falls side trip to Vigan

Suggested Itinerary
Day 0 
8:30pm - meet up at mr kebab araneta cubao
9:00pm - departure to Abra 
Day 1 
5:00 am - arrival in Abra/ Breakfast on pax account ( buy Packed Lunch) 
6:00am - to Kaparkan registration office/ transfer to Monster Jeep
7:00am - departure to Tineg Abra via monster Jeep
12:00nn - ETA Monster jeep parking area. Short trek to Kaparkan Water Falls 15mins. 
12:15pm - Arrival in Kaparkan WaterFalls. Enjoy the scenery, swimming, pictorial, exploration. 
2:30pm - trek back to parking
2:45pm transfer via monster jeep to the town of Abra. 
7:00pm - eta in Abra. Proceed to our accommodation. 
Wash up/ Dinner on pax account.

Day 2 
7:00am - wake up call/ check out
7:30am breakfast on pax account/ proceed to Vigan for Side Trip
10:00am - Vigan/ kalye crisologo (open time to buy pasalubong and Pictorial
12:00 pm - Lunch on Pax account 
1:00pm - back to manila
8:00pm - Eta cubao


Masungi Geo reserve

Masungi Geo Reserve Daytrip 
9:00am meet up at Shell Tiendesitas/ eat breakfast/ buy packed lunch on pax account
9:30am – ETD Masungi Geo reserve Baras Rizal
11:30am – ETA Masungi Geo Reserve/ Register/ eat packed lunch
12:00nn – Start of the trek 
Enjoy the 3 -4 hour trek to masungi reserve ( Sapot, yungib ni ruben, tatay,nanay, duyan and liwasan)

Terrain and Trail Characteristics: Trail is lined with rock and concrete blocks making it easy to cover the area. However, there are still ups and downs in the trail. A hanging bridge is an integral part of the full trail.
Ideal for: Outdoor and Nature Enthusiasts; Regular and Beginner Hikers; Groups and Families who are looking for a unique experience together away from the city


4:00pm – end of trek/ light snacks 
5:00pm – Back to tiendesitas
7:30pm - tiendesitas


Mt. Apo

Day 1 fly to Davao

Day 2

3:00Am ETD Jump off Point 
07:00Am ETA to Jump off Point  (trekking 30mins to sitio colan campsite)
08:00AM ETD to sitio colan
9:30AM ETA to sitio tumpis 
11:00AM lunch on trail
2:30AM ETA Tinikaran camp 1 
10:00pm lights off

Day 3

4:00AM Wake Up Call ( prepare . Break camp) 
07:00AM ETD to (white sand) 
08:00AM ETA Tinikaran camp 2
09:00AM Mt. Apo boulders
11:30 (lunch on trail) 
01:00PM ETA white sand camp site
Tent set up
03:00p (optional if gusto nyo mag sunset sa summit)
06:00PM dinner

Day 4

05:00AM (sunrise at boulders) 
06:00AM (breakfast and packed lunch) 
07:00AM ETD at white sand
07:30 to 9am Mt.  Apo boulders 
10:30AM ETA at Tinikaran camp 2
11:00AM Tinikaran camp 1
11:30 (lunch on trail) 
01:00PM ETA Sitio Tumpis
02:00PM ETA Sitio Colan
6:00pm - ETA at Kapatagan
7:00pm - Back to Davao City

Fly to manila HOME SWEET HOME

Pico De Loro
pico de loro .jpg

Pico Deloro Dayhike
4:00am - meet up at petron arnaiz/ 
4:30am - etd to ternate cavite/ breakfast and buy packed lunch along the way.
6:00 am - Pico deloro jump off/ register 
6:30-  start of hike
8:30 am - eta Pico de loro summit/ enjoy the view/ rest
9:30am - start descend
12:00nn - eta Jump off/ wash up rest
1:00 pm- back to manila
3:30pm -eta petron arnaiz


Mt. Batulao

Mt.Batulao Traverse Dayhike

Nasugbo Batangas

Trail Class ( Minor Climb)


Suggested Itinerary:

Day 1

4:00am - Meet up @ Cubao jollibee Farmers Mall

4:30am - ETD Cubao to Nasugbo Batangas/Breakfast Along The way

9:00am - ETA Old Trail Camp/ Refill Water

7:00am - ETA Jump Off/ Start of the Climb 

10:00am - Start Summit Assault

11:30am - ETA Summit, Enjoy 360 Degree View at the top of mt.Batulao. you will see the provinces of batangas,cavite and laguna... you will also see the Tall Volcano.




12:30pm - Start Descend/New Trail

3:30pm - ETA Jump Off/Wash Up

4:30pm - ETD to Manila, Side trip for merienda in one of the restaurants with an overlooking view of taal Volcano..


Budget for the Trip:

2,000 per person min 9 pax


Private Transportation for the whole trip

Mt.Batulao Local Climb Fee ( New Trail to Old Trail)

Guide Fee

Trek Taal Volcano

Trek Taal
Day 1 
4:00am meet up at shell/ jollibee tiendesitas
4:30am - ortigas to talisay batangas
7am - eta tagaytay breakfast on pax account
proceed to talisay
9:00am talisay batangas/ boatride to taal crater jumpoff
9:30 am - Taal jump of "secret trail" start trek
11:00am - eta Taal Crater (inside the crater) photo opps/ explore
12nn Trek back 
1am boat ride to resort
1:45am eta resort/ eat lunch wash up/ socials
enjoy the view 
4:00pm back to manila
7:00pm - petron arnaiz


Message us for tour rates
Mt. Pinatubo
Pinatubo 1.jpg

Mt.Pinatubo Day trip

Suggested Itinerary
2:00am – Mcdonalds El Pueblo
Breakfast along The way (buy Packed Lunch on pax account)
2:15am – ETD Manila to Capas Tarlac
6:00am – Eta, Denr Registration, 4×4 Ride to Jump off
7:30 – eta jump off Start Trek
9:30 – Eta mt.pinatubo Crater Picture Taking, Enjoy Mt.Pinatubo
11:30am – LUNCH
12:30 pm – etd Mt.Pinatubo to jump off
2:00pm – Jump off/ 4×4 ride to Denr
3:00 pm – ETA jump off/Wash up
4:00PM – ETD CAPAS TARLAC TO MANILA ( side trip to Capas Shrine if time permits)
7:30PM – ETA Cubao


Nagpatong Rock

Nagpatong Rock Day Hike Rizal
For Beginners 
Suggested Itinerary
9:00am- Meet up at shell tiendesitas
Buy Packed Lunch
9:30 am - departure to Tanay Rizal
11:00am - eta Jump off/ meet our guide prepare for hike. 
11:30 start trek
1:00pm arrival in Nagpatong Rock Formation
Ascend to Summit 
1:30pm Nagpatong Summit/ Photo Ops/ enjoy the view
2:30pm - start descend
4:00pm - Arrival at the Jumpoff/ rest wash up
5:00pm - to tiendesitas drop off area
7:00pm - Tiendesitas 

*end of trip*

Budget for the trek
1,700 per pax min 9 persons
Private transportation for the whole trip
Climbing permits
Local Guide Fee
Vagabondpinas Facilitator

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