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International Backpacking Trips

Hike Kota Kinabalu + Sapi Island

           Sabah Malaysia

          Feb 15 -19 2023


Vagabondpinas Backpacking Borneo. A 5 day Adventure combining city discovery, island tour and a hiking adventure at Mt Kinabalu. The highest mountain in malaysia and a Unesco world heritage site.

Backpacking Morocco 2024


March 22 -31 2024 - Full

Nov 1 -10 2024 - Open


Group Tour Schedule
March 22 - 31 2024

Nov 1- 10 2024

A budget-friendly package for one of your bucket list trips!

A 10 day adventure and discovery of Morocco's  4 Imperial Cities, Souks and Medinas and an overnight Glamping experience in the Sahara Desert.

(Morocco is visa-free for Philippine Passport holders)

Backpacking SriLanka



Picturesque landscapes, beautiful beaches, elephant sanctuaries, fun train rides, flavorful food and wonderful people...

Let us take you to SRILANKA!

Backpacking Machu Picchu


Finally, here’s a budget-friendly package for one of your bucket list trips! Voted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and declared a Unesco World Heritage site, Machu Picchu in Peru is now open for booking, Message us for more details. Together, let us tick off places from our bucket list!

Backpacking Indochina

Discover Vietnam + Cambodia + Thailand


Backpacking Hanoi Vietnam

  Oct 31 - Nov 4 2023


5 Days Adventure Vietnam

Hanoi old quarter + Ninh Binh + Lan Ha and Halong Bay Cruise

Joiner Tour

Nomad 3.jpg

Backpacking Mongolia 

Adventure Date Oct 1 -11 2024

From authentic experiences to remote places, join us on in one of our Bucket List trips to the most rugged, vast and nomadic adventure to Mongolia.


Max of 12 participants only.

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