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        Will you find pirate treasure within the ruins of Fortune Island? The surreal Grecian pillars may give a sign to the island’s history.  Explore the abandoned structures and listen to the stories about the multiple shipwrecks off its coast. Let your imagination run wild as you enjoy the white sand beach, go cliff diving, and snorkel the clear waters.  Can you decipher the mystery of the island?

Apo reef

apo  macoy.jpg

      Imagine 34 square kilometers of the largest contiguous coral reef system in the country and you’ll understand why Apo Reef is a must-see for divers.  After a day of exploring the diverse marine life and the magnificent shipwreck, climb the lighthouse for a beautiful 360 degree sunset. At night, sleep in a hammock with the bright Milky Way above or wake up to the sunrise at your tent's entrance.  Here, you will find your peace and quiet both above and below the water’s surface.

Apua Islands, Camarines Norte

apuao 1.jpg

 Relax on a hammock as you watch the sunset through Agoho pine trees on the Apuao Islands in Camarines Norte.  Swim in the emerald waters of the island of Apuao Grande. Cross the sandbar to Apuao Pequena and trek to the top for a picture-perfect view of the ocean.  After a night of stargazing, end the trip by surfing on the beginner-friendly shores of Bagasbas.


calaguas 2.JPG

Feel like going off the grid while enjoying a quiet stay in paradise? Located in Vinzons, Camarines Norte, a two-hour boat ride will bring you to Mahabang Buhangin, Calaguas. It's a hidden paradise with powdery white sand, crystal clear waters, colorful hues, and perfect sunset backdrop which makes the travel really worth it! You can also enjoy an early morning short trek for that beautiful sunrise! Calaguas is composed of several islands so you may also do an island-hopping during the day. Some tourists will say that this is more beautiful and definitely more relaxing than Boracay!

Binukbuk Viewpoint


With a beautifully protected marine sanctuary, relax and enjoy yourself at Binukbok Viewpoint. Just 2-3 hours from Metro Manila, this vibrant underwater paradise is filled with various species of marine animal and plant life.  Take in the sunrise to start your day. Unwind on a hammock with the cool sea breeze. Snorkel or dive to your heart's content.


hundred island .JPG

Enjoy the sunset from your tent's entrance as you relax on Patar Beach in Pangasinan.  During the day, swim in its refreshing, turquoise waters. Sunkissed and rejuvenated, head over to the Enchanted Cave and Cape Bolinao Lighthouse.  After a good night's rest under the stars, end the trip with a tour through Hundred Islands National Park.

Borawan Island + Kwebang Lampas


Beach bum for a day!  Explore both Kwebang Lampas and Borawan Island in Quezon province for a quick beach trip.  Enjoy sunrise as you start your day in Kwebang Lampas. Feel the sand between your toes and the warm sun on your back.  Head to Borawan Island for lunch and relax in the cool breeze. Take that well-deserved break from busy city life.

Burias Island


 Off the coast of Burias Island, go on an island hopping adventure to experience beautiful rock formations, white sand beaches and clear blue water.  Like pages of a book, the rock formations of Animasola Island invite you to do a bit of rock climbing. Relax into the slow island life as you take pictures on Tinalisayan Island's long white sandbar.  For the thrill seekers, go cliff jumping on Dapa Island. Go ahead and take the perfect island vacation!

Cresta De Galo, ROmblon


Considered as the Marble Capital of the the Philippines, Romblon is also home to a number of not only crystal clear waters but, unspoiled beaches, too!


The three popular beaches in Romblon are 1) Cobrador, which is undeniably, the most beautiful one, is a beach whose white sand is made up of crushed corals. It is surrounded by turquoise water, and is also perfect for snorkeling. A day trip to this island will not be complete without trying its cliff jump! 2) Cresta De Gallo is a secluded island which has a sandbar and boasts of turquoise water. A relaxing day trip to this quiet, uninhabited island will surely make-up for the boat ride. 3) Bonbon Beach is the near the town proper so this can be the last stop for your island hopping. It also has a sandbar which makes a perfect backdrop for the awesome sunset!

Nagsasa Cove, Zambales


Relax in the beautiful embrace of Nagsasa Cove and go back in time as you stroll through the Spanish ruins on Capones Island.  Pitch a tent at Nagsasa Cove to wake up to a view of the South China Sea. Trek through evergreen trees as you enjoy the landscape on top of Mount Nagsasa.  On Capones Island, relish in the century-old architecture. Make sure to climb up the lighthouse for a 360-degree view of Zambales!

Discover North East


From picturesque beaches to a modern art lighthouse, see the hidden treasures of Baler, Aurora.  Visit the waterfalls of Maria Aurora with a side trip to the biggest Balete tree in Asia. Discover the private beach known as Dicasalarin Cove and climb up its contemporary lighthouse.  Enjoy where the mountains meet the beach at Dipaculao. Finally, learn to surf in one of the country's most popular surf spots.

CAbongaoan, Pangasinan

    gamu Beacj.JPG

Beach bum for a day!  Explore both Kwebang Lampas and Borawan Island in Quezon province for a quick beach trip.  Enjoy sunrise as you start your day in Kwebang Lampas. Feel the sand between your toes and the warm sun on your back.  Head to Borawan Island for lunch and relax in the cool breeze. Take that well-deserved break from busy city life.

Isla Verde

Isla Verde.JPG

Isla Verde is within the center of the center of marine biodiversity in the world.  Needless to say, the waters are teeming with many different species of marine life. Come for the relaxing sounds of the waves and the beautiful sunset.  Stay for the abundant life found beneath the waves and the generous, warm residents of this very special island.

Jomalig Island


Get away from the usual weekend beach crowd and find yourself walking down the golden sands of Jomalig Island.   The untouched beach will deepen your appreciation for clear turquoise water, a brilliantly orange sunset or a moment with your loved ones.  Let time slow down as you relax in the tranquility of the island's charm.

SAn Juan, La Union

La union .JPG

Learn how to surf at the iconic surf town of San Juan in La Union province. Known for the big waves and relaxed vibe, experience the surf, the food and the people of one of the Philippines' best surfing spots. Just outside of San Juan, take a side trip and go trekking to the beautiful, cascading waters of Tangadan Falls.  Take a relaxing dip or for the adrenaline junkie, go cliff jumping!

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Matnog, Sorsogon


Explore the pink beaches of Matnog, Sorsogon as you enjoy some much-deserved rest and relaxation.  Pitch your tent so you can wake up to the sunrise then go island hopping for the day. Explore the unspoiled Tikling Island, commune with the fish at the Jauag Marine Sanctuary and snorkel the waters of Calintaan Island.  On the way back to Manila, take a side trip to Mayon Volcano and the 16th-century Cagsawa Ruins.

Pagudpud, Laoag, Vigan


Journey through the 16-century streets of Vigan and travel back in time through this Spanish colonial town.  Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can explore the city on a horse-drawn carriage and dine on authentic Ilocano cuisine.  After exploring the historic town, take a day visiting the wonderful sites of Pagudpud. From the huge Banguio Windmills to the fascinating Bantay Abot Cave, breathe and lose yourself in the wonders of Ilocos Norte.

Palaui Island, Cagayan


This expedition to the northernmost part of Luzon island will lead travelers to a chapel within a cave, the century-old Spanish lighthouse, and the beautiful beaches of northern Philippines. Have a moment of silence in the chamber-turned-chapel, known simply as, The Chapel, within Callao Cave. Travel back in time as you walk through the ruins of Cape Engano lighthouse, appreciating the view of Palaui Island's shores.  Finally, relax on the beach as you watch a perfect sunset.

Silanguin Cove, Zambales


Surrounded by lush evergreen trees and the beautiful mountain range of Zambales, Silanguin Cove is the peace and quiet you've been looking for. Away from the noise of the weekend crowd, camp on this untouched beach and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.  Swim in the refreshing waters. Watch a gorgeous sunset. Feel the warm of a bonfire. Enjoy the slowness this paradise has to offer.


taas kamay.jpg

If you do not mind long boat rides just to see endless horizons of that perfect crystal clear blue waters, soft, powdery white sands, explore uninhabited and unspoiled hidden islands, experience being off the grid, and camp on an island for days, then Balabac is the perfect getaway for you!


Balabac Group of Islands is located in the southernmost part of Palawan. Unlike Coron and El Nido, Balabac is a little challenging to reach as you will need to travel by land for at least 6 hours from Puerto Prinsesa airport, and then the boat rides. But all these will be forgotten when you reach your first island destination in Balabac! Every island stop is an amazing, jaw-dropping experience. It’s THE perfect hidden paradise in the southern part of Palawan!



If you’re looking for a city and a tropical getaway, Cebu is definitely a place to be. Named as the country’s second largest metropolitan area next to Metro Manila, Cebu also boasts of 167 islands and islets. Among it’s beautiful islands, the popular islands are Malapascua, Bantayan, Sumilon and Moalboal - which is also a great place for divers!


Cebu is mostly visited during the month of January when it holds the country’s largest festival - the Sinulog Festival. Around this time, you can witness the celebration of their festival, enjoy the city tour, and relax in one of their white sand beaches.

EL NIDO, Palawan


Ranked as one of the “20 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World”, El Nido in Palawan is known for its white sand beaches, coral reefs, limestone cliffs and beautiful rock formations. At least a 3-day stay in the Municipality of El Nido is needed for you to enjoy and visit most of the islands. A day’s itinerary will include kayaking into the lagoons, visiting the Matinloc Shrine, swimming into the secret beaches, enjoying lunch prepared and cooked on the boat by the locals, and even swinging in the Seven Commandos.



Another tourists destination found in Palawan, Coron is a beach bums’ and divers’ haven. From snorkeling in the famous Barracuda Lake due to its mixture of cold, warm, hot water temperature, to swimming in the country’s cleanest freshwater lake, the Kayangan Lake, to diving in WWII shipwrecks sites, to visiting mangrove and bird parks, to a relaxing dip in Maquinit hot springs, to hiking Mt. Tapyas, or just sunbathing in the island’s white sand beaches, Coron has it all!

TAwi - Tawi 

header tawitawi.JPG

  A Muslim province, Tawi-Tawi offers a lot of amazing and beautiful historical sites and unspoiled beaches for those adventurous souls. This province is where you will find the first mosque built in the Philippines. You’ll meet and get to know the culture of the Badjao people and their tribe. You can hike Bud Bongao, The Sacred Mountain of Tawi-Tawi, which is also the tallest in the province. And last but not the least, enjoy the unspoiled, clear waters of  Panampangan Island - which has the longest sandbar in the country!

Pink Island Sta. Cruz, Zamboanga


Do you fancy pink sand beach? Zamboanga City in Mindanao is home to the Great Santa Cruz Island - the only pink sand beach in the country! The unpopulated Great Santa Cruz - together with Little Santa Cruz Island is fast-becoming a tourist destination in Zamboanga City. A trip to this island includes a sumptuous feast prepared by the locals!  After enjoying a relaxing day at the beach, you can also explore the Lagoon in Santa Cruz Island aboard the yellow boats paddled by the locals boys residing in the Lagoon. The lagoon is home to lush mangroves and migratory birds frequenting the area. You can also touch the stingless jellies in the lagoon! This lagoon is also where the residents grow their Lako seaweeds used in salads.



A trip to Leyte will bring you to its two popular destinations, Cuatro Islas And Kalanggaman. Cuatro Islas, literally means four islands - Himokilan, Mahaba, Apid and Digyo. This trip can be completed in one full day of island hopping. Enjoy swimming in clear waters and basking in sand bars. Kalanggaman Island, the more popular of the two, is hailed as the most beautiful and longest sandbar in the Visayas region. Unlike in Cuatro Islas, there are accommodations available in Kalanggaman Island. This picturesque island will leave you wanting for more!


Cap off your trip in Leyte by driving thru the San Juanico Bridge -- the longest suspension bridge in the country, connecting Samar and Leyte.

Siquijor  +  Dumaguete



Mystic, eerie, witchcrafts, mysterious, and mountain creatures -- these are the words you would hear about Siquijor before it became one of the popular destinations in Central Visayas. A tiny and remote island, Siquijor is only reachable thru a ferry from its neighboring provinces. A two-day trip is more than enough for you to visit and enjoy the tourists’ spots of the island - Cambuhagay Falls, Salagdoong Beach (cliff jumping!), Century-Old Balete Tree, and Paliton Beach.


Your trip to Siquijor is mostly combined with a day trip to Dumaguete, particularly in Apo Island to play with the sea turtles, and the Manjuyod Sand bar.


batanes .jpg

Considered as the country’s smallest province, this paradise is located at the northernmost part of Luzon. Batanes boasts of breathtaking sceneries that will surely excite your senses! Imagine breathing the freshest cool air, getting around the province in a bike (there’s hardly any vehicle in the area!) surrounded by hills, and experience going back in time in their heritage sites. You can relax and chill in their beaches or on their natural rolling hills, and enjoy their stone houses accommodation.

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