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Banaue - Batad Rice Village

Batad is a remote village in the Ifugao Province known for its stunning rice terraces.  Named as a UNESCO World Heritage site, many visitors come to enjoy the crisp air and the awe-inspiring view. Take a 2-3hr hike (round-trip from Batad) to Tappiya Falls, a ~230ft majestic waterfall. After a day of adventure, relax at a local inn where you can enjoy this marvel as the sun slowly sets.

Sagada - Banaue - Bontoc - Batad

This tour provides the best experience in the mountain region. Combining the popular sites up north gives you a chance to see different local villages of Sagada, Banaue and Batad. Be amaze with the picturesque landscapes and experience the culture, cuisine and its people. we will make sure that your travel with us will be enjoyable and memorable.

Mt. Pinatubo Crater Day Adventure

Go on an off-road 4x4 adventure to Mt. Pinatubo, the volcano with the second-largest eruption of the 20th century. The adventure starts on a sturdy 4x4, passing through the rough terrain of Crow Valley Canyon.  Next is a trek over rivers and through lahar formations as you arrive at the beautiful Pinatubo Lake. Relax with the walls of the caldera around you, gazing out at the ever-changing waters of the volcanic lake.

5 Day El Nido Palawan Tour

Ranked as one of the “20 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World”, El Nido in Palawan is known for its white sand beaches, coral reefs, limestone cliffs and beautiful rock formations. At least a 3-day stay in the Municipality of El Nido is needed for you to enjoy and visit most of the islands. A day’s itinerary will include kayaking into the lagoons, visiting the Matinloc Shrine, swimming into the secret beaches, enjoying lunch prepared and cooked on the boat by the locals, and even swinging in the Seven Commandos.

5 Day Coron Island Tour

Another tourists destination found in Palawan, Coron is a beach bums’ and divers’ haven. From snorkeling in the famous Barracuda Lake due to its mixture of cold, warm, hot water temperature, to swimming in the country’s cleanest freshwater lake, the Kayangan Lake, to diving in WWII shipwrecks sites, to visiting mangrove and bird parks, to a relaxing dip in Maquinit hot springs, to hiking Mt. Tapyas, or just sunbathing in the island’s white sand beaches, Coron has it all!

5 Day Balabac Island Tour

If you do not mind long boat rides just to see endless horizons of that perfect crystal clear blue waters, soft, powdery white sands, explore uninhabited and unspoiled hidden islands, experience being off the grid, and camp on an island for days, then Balabac is the perfect getaway for you!


Balabac Group of Islands is located in the southernmost part of Palawan. Unlike Coron and El Nido, Balabac is a little challenging to reach as you will need to travel by land for at least 6 hours from Puerto Prinsesa airport, and then the boat rides. But all these will be forgotten when you reach your first island destination in Balabac! Every island stop is an amazing, jaw-dropping experience. It’s THE perfect hidden paradise in the southern part of Palawan!

Conquer Mt. Pulag

Known as the "playground of the gods", Mt. Pulag reaches 2,922 meters above sea level.  Being the highest point in Luzon, the trek offers adventurers a breathtaking experience.  Both in the climb and the view, you will feel what it is like to be above the clouds. At near-freezing temperatures, the path winds through pine trees and grasslands.  Finally at the summit, take in your reward - a most magnificent sunrise.


“Thank you so much JP for being such an incredible tour guide in Banaue and Batad! Tour guide isn't even the right word to describe the level of impeccable service and warm welcome he gave my family and I during our time with him. It was these reviews on Facebook that encouraged me to book our private guided tour with JP and it's something my parents and I will talk about now for the rest of time  ”


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We are VagabondPinas

Since we started in 2007, Vagabondpinas has served more than 1000 clients both locally and internationally, and has completed about 5,000 trips across the Philippines, Asia, and Africa! We have partnered with several organizations that helped us with our adventures.

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VagabondPinas is fully committed in the 7 Principles of the Leave no Trace Campaign, making sure that generations to come will experience the same beauty that VagabondPinas has experienced since it accepted its first guests in 2007


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